Morgens supervises organizations, teams and employees during organizational transition. Transition aimed at increasing agility and constantly improving. Our goal is to have our customers perform better on an organization-wide basis. We guide our clients to become future-ready, allowing them to respond flexibly to all the changes that affect them. The focus is on the business side: processes, cooperation, performance and structure. We do this with sparkling methods and involve leaders and employees intensively. We stimulate movement. Connection between the people with whom we work for our clients is key. People always come first with us, whether it is a board member, team leader or employee. We find change fun and inspiring and transfer that to our customers.

Our clients and advisors
Our customers in the healthcare, public sector, education and business services value us for our pragmatic approach. They like to see concrete results of work that we do together with them. Our people are therefore doers. We do not write fat reports that end up unused in a drawer. In doing so, the morning advisers do not take over, but ensure that employees, teams, departments, managers, leaders themselves learn and improve. As a result, assurance ultimately succeeds much better.

Continuous improvement
We use a number of methods with which we work together with employees to strengthen the organization. In addition to project and change management, these include Lean Six Sigma, digitization, performance management and operational management. Morgens was founded in 2001 and is housed in Leiden. Continuous improvement is also central to our own Morgensteam. We challenge each other, learn from each other and, not unimportantly, enjoy each other.