Ngenious was founded in 2012 and is specialised in organisational transition and Lean / Agile performance improvement. Our customers ask us to support them when they need to transform from A to B. Typical examples of transitions (or from … to situations) are: from inefficient to efficient, from semi-government organisations to commercial organisations, from two companies to one company and from an organisation with a lack of focus to a goal-oriented organisation. Ngenious is both a consulting firm and a training institute. Every year, many employees at all levels choose our training programmes. We deliver our courses both in-company and with open registration.

Our approach

Our approach is characterised by a holistic view of organisations. After defining an (operational) strategy, we determine the necessary interventions in the areas of process, control, customer service, the revitalisation of the workplace, behaviour and leadership. Every customer situation is unique and every approach is tailor-made. Though in every project we address both the "tangible" and the "intangible or undercurrent". We set goals, create structure, transfer knowledge, align leadership and create ownership among employees. The realisation of company or team strategy is central, for us Lean and Agile are mainly the means to do so.

Knowledge of the source

At Ngenious , we get our knowledge from the source. We are official partner of the Toyota Management Institute in Nagoya, Japan. We have the latest knowledge of the total Toyota Production System (the foundation of Lean ), the Toyota way Management System (deep Lean) and Agile. We are trained in Japan ourselves and our certified consultants and trainers are allowed to transfer knowledge about Toyota's "pure" philosophy. In this way we are able to place Lean and Agile in the context where it originated. Where other consulting firms primarily apply knowledge originated in the west, we add an oriental approach and way of performance improvement. This makes organisational transition or a Ngenious training programme innovative, interesting and inspiring. On behalf of the Toyota Management Institute in Japan, Ngenious is allowed to train and certify its participants in the Toyota way Management System (TMS / deep Lean) and Toyota Production System (TPS / Lean) in Europe. Our programmes are delivered both in English and Dutch.

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