The consultants and managers of Novius provide direction to complex transformations of organizations through integrated deployment of ICT-oriented ICT and new organizational concepts. Based on our vision, practical and creative working methods and innovative solutions, we, together with the client, make complexity manageable and we actually achieve sustainably improved business results.

Our assignments are very diverse and are always at strategic and tactical level within the three-corner strategy, information provision and organizational change. Using the Novius framework we have developed, we use a creative approach in which not the technology, but the organization and its objectives are central. Our client base includes senior and top management of the Dutch Top 500 organizations. 

Core services

Novius has bundled its knowledge and experience in a number of knowledge areas, which are focused on the market needs of customers and the business focus and development objectives of our organization. Read more about our services on the Novius Services page .

Novius also has a training and education institute Novius Academy .

Professional development
We pay a lot of attention to professional development. All consultants are part of one of the departments in which knowledge and experience are shared. We regularly organize thematic meetings with our customers, offer specialist training programs through the Novius Academy and share our vision of the field by publishing articles and books. This enables us to deliver a high-quality service with a pragmatic and client-oriented attitude at the same time.

Core values ​​and culture
In addition to our substantive guidance, our core values ​​are essential for successful assignments. A first important core value is the drop of the performance and the result. Provide added value, own methodical frameworks and approach, be innovative and challenging, design and implement. A second important core value is designing and executing assignments together with the client organization. This means intensive collaboration with the customer, dynamic work forms, learning and multidisciplinary teams.

Novians are broadly developed, analytical, enterprising, result-oriented, multidisciplinary employable, collaborative and have strong consulting skills. We supply the customer with quality and are fascinated by the variety in our assignments. We feel at home at Novius, are involved in everything that concerns the agency and are interested in how our colleagues, both business and private, fare.

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