OrangeX stands for experts in innovation and subsidy management. We believe that organizing innovation and progress is a separate discipline, and that subsidies and funding play a crucial role in this. That requires specialists. This applies to organizations that provide subsidies as well as organizations that want to make use of it. OrangeX facilitates organizations with advice, program management and interim professionals who optimize subsidy processes. Innovation specialists and Subsidy professionals with the right knowledge, experience and skills - at the right time!

OrangeX: link between subsidy providers and grant professionals

We are the link between organizations that provide subsidies and professionals who know exactly how that works. We can be deployed in the entire subsidy chain. From setting up programs - are they well-structured, financially and legally speaking? To carry out effect studies - does the grant yield sufficient? And everything in between We jump in, take part in the subsidy process or carry out the subsidy program entirely for you. Whether you are looking for a fixed solution (W & S) or a temporary (Interim), we offer the right professionals at the right time. 

OrangeX: professionalising your innovation agenda and subsidy managementSubsidies are an important cash flow for companies to invest and innovate. However, obtaining grants is a separate discipline. There are numerous schemes. Which fits best with your innovation agenda? Drawing up and submitting requests requires specific knowledge and takes a lot of time. OrangeX offers a solution by subsidy coordinators who work exclusively for you at your location. We can support your internal subsidy desk and partially or fully staff - or set up a completely new subsidy desk. Our experts not only know everything about subsidies - they also know very well what is going on in your industry. So they know what they are talking about. This combination of subsidy expertise and subject-specific knowledge results in a smooth and successful collaboration. OrangeX takes stock of the subsidy opportunities of all your business units, takes care of the requests and ensures that subsidized projects go entirely according to the booklet. In this way we ensure that your organization makes optimum use of the available subsidies for your innovations, without incurring any surprises.