PA Consulting

PA Consulting is an internationally leading management consultancy with a large variety of services in areas such as Strategy, Digital Business Design, Agile, Business Intelligence & Analytics and IT Transformation. At PA, more than 2,600 strategists, consultants, technologists, innovators and industry experts work worldwide, spread across 25 countries and working in 9 market sectors. In the Netherlands this sector focus is mainly on (Financial) Services, Manufacturing and the Public Sector.

We believe in the power of ingenuity to build a positive human future in a technology driven world. Our diverse teams combine innovative thinking and groundbreaking technologies to make better and faster progress. Our customers adapt and transform, and together we achieve lasting results. We challenge the status quo to find the right solutions that work not only on paper but also in practice. This principle is and remains our passion - since 1943. We place innovation at the heart of every project - this is essential in an ever faster changing world. PA therefore offers its customers a unique combination of consulting, technology and innovation.

Our consultants are supported by 250 scientists, technicians and engineers who operate from our unique Technology Center in Cambridge. We develop and create completely new products and services for our customers: from idea to concept to certified product. No other advisory organization has managed to match this.

We distinguish ourselves as an independent organization with highly experienced management consultants who work with the client organization with their unique breadth of skills and deep expertise in decisive teams.

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