Proven Partners

The sherpa's from Proven Partners make organizations agile from the philosophy of Control & Space. We connect with your goals and travel together with your people to realize them. In addition, it is our mission to make organizations agile. In our backpack we take different products and services and experiences from earlier assignments. For whatever challenge you stand for, we are happy to work with you.


We are not a traditional consultancy with the credo you ask we turn. We believe it is important to start from the own strength of your organization and to mobilize it as much as possible and achieve the set objectives in co-creation. We would therefore like to work as your business partner, from the metaphor sherpa. You determine how, where and when and we indicate where our added value lies and what your organization can take on itself. It is mainly building together and awakening together that which comes our way. We hereby commit to your goals and promise that progress will be made on this. We do not charge an hourly invoice, but we make fixed agreements with you. That means clarity for you and our complete commitment.