Q5 is a global award-winning management consulting firm that specialises in organisational health.  At our heart, 'Q5ers' help business leaders develop organisational strategy then implement it through more effective processes, capabilities and structures. We work hand-in-hand with clients to develop their people, both through individual and team leadership development. Our work spans across all aspects of the business to achieve organisational health, including Strategy & Purpose, Organisation Design, Transformation & Change, and Development Culture.

Our deep experience across a wide range of sectors and the talent of our people (along with our award-winning 'Metro Map' organisational design process) allows us to draw on diverse expertise to provide our clients with different perspectives on their challenges.  

With Q5 offices in London (since 2009), Leeds (since 2018), Cardiff (from 2021), New York (since 2013), Sydney (since 2015), Melbourne (since 2018), Oman (since 2019) and Houston (since 2022), as well as joint ventures in place in France (through Kea), Sweden (Cordial), Italy (MBS) and Germany (H&Z), Q5 is able to serve a range of businesses, large (global multi-national players) and small, family firms.     

We regularly publish books and white papers, including 'Magic Sponge’, https://amzn.to/2LRsxd8.

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