Qhuba, is a network organization that helps customers with the digital transformation. Strategy and technology are connected more strongly than ever. Organizations are not yet equipped for this. Qhuba helps with all issues that affect this transformation, both the administrative, the technological and the change expert.

Qhuba literally means drive. The drive to make customers successful in this new era in which changes go faster than ever. The drive to make the IT environment of our customers more flexible, so that they are able to be one step ahead of the changes in their market. The drive to connect people and multiply knowledge.

Qhuba assists customers at a strategic level in the digital transformation and can then also go into the depth. The organization is organized around practices that focus on specific issues such as digital strategy execution, business technology management, process optimization and customer interaction. This way of organizing gives us the possibility to accompany the digital transformation from A to Z. From the enterprise architecture that belongs to strategic choices up to and including the implementation of application and even data level. And from the technological side of this issue to the change management side: how do I get the people in my organization?

Qhuba acts as a sparring partner in strategy issues and can then also supply people for the implementation of the project portfolio.

Through our organizational structure - a network organization in which independent professionals work - Qhuba knows a culture that is characterized by leadership, taking responsibility and a focus on continuous improvement. We are constantly focused on achieving measurable results and concrete improvements. We keep each other sharp, because the partners in the network are dependent on each other. As far as we are concerned, the time of an hourly invoice is over. It is about providing services that visibly contribute to the success of the client.

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