Growth is crucial and the hardest thing there is. RevelX realizes growth. We combine traditional and unconventional methods to achieve the breakthrough for growth. We share risks and rewards. Our entrepreneurial approach is unique and quirky.

We are RevelX.
We are growth entrepreneurs.
Let's grow.

Growth specialists.

Discovering and seizing growth opportunities. That is our playing field. We work together with you on disruptive innovation with thorough analyzes and disciplined execution. We deliver strategic thinking and a powerful execution. That is how we - together with you - realize growth. For large business customers and scale-ups. Our team consists of growth entrepreneurs. A collection of idiosyncratic thinkers and various personalities. Together we combine more than 200 years of consulting and management experience.

Speed ​​up or Innovate

Growing is the biggest challenge. For any organization. Especially now. The speed of change has risen to immeasurable height. The digital revolution brings new rules with it. This is the era of accelerated innovation. In order to realize sustainable and profitable growth, entrepreneurship is necessary. Creativity. Walk along the trails. Strategic thinking ability and execution. Involvement. We think that makes the difference.

Our services

Seize market opportunities and accelerate growth. We develop and implement successful growth strategies that are insightful, innovative and practical.

Finding new ways to grow. We develop new business models and propositions. We bring structure to the innovation process and guide the transformation.

To invest.
Building profitable companies. We accelerate the growth of scale-ups by investing money, thinking power and hands-on support. Enterprising and involved for the long term.