Rijnconsult helps organizations to change successfully. With a passionate club of advisors, we continuously work on improving people and processes. Pragmatic and people-oriented, with social relevance as a focus. Our goal: to permanently strengthen clients and their services for the short and the long term, by allowing them to work together (smarter).

Our customers

We work for all larger Dutch organizations in business and (semi-) government. We are well-placed in and familiar with the business dynamics of sectors such as Health, Public Authorities, Agri & Food, Industry, Business and Financial Services, Education, and Housing Associations. Our clients understand well that investing in the further development of talent of people is crucial and if the company culture is not based on it, our clients understand this personally. Our people-oriented approach often leads to very long and sometimes personal relationships with our clients. We are convinced that every organization, however commercial, has ever started from a social ideology. Many organizations have lost sight of this. We would like to help get these back in the picture and translate them into people, strategy, systems and structures.

Our company profile

Rijnconsult is an independent company with a flat structure. A two-person management is in charge of the company. Almost all employees (both advisors and support) are shareholders in the form of certificates. This is in contrast to the classic rake. The lines are therefore ultra short. We guarantee the agility of our company by combining a core of a maximum of 40 consultants with a broad network of specialists. This allows us to always offer our customers maximum quality.

Our root lies with the internal advice department of AKZO. This makes co-creation within our long-term relationship with our customers a matter of course.

Rijnconsult has expanded to include recruitment and selection agency 'Rieken & Oomen', specialized in management and management positions and with our educational advisory branch 'Rijnconsult Education & ICT'.

Our consultants

All consultants have extensive experience with change processes combined with quality in the area of ​​facilitating group processes. This gives a good frame of reference to understand what is really happening. We know the Royal routes, but know that elephant paths are preferred in practice. We all have a solid theoretical background in business administration, public administration as an engineer or as a social scientist, but we are more of the concrete issues. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with society through, for example, publications and by bringing our contacts into contact with each other.

We value personal relationships with clients and other persons in our customer systems. Working with the client authenticity theme requires self-knowledge, a high authenticity in ourselves and dialogue power to identify the underlying motives and fears for the other person. Colleagues are encouraged and facilitated to also use professional qualities in other ways, for example in management and supervisory roles at social organizations or in audits and visitations.

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