Schaekel & Partners

The best people are found

Companies and organizations that attract the best people work with Schaekel & Partners. In our view, the best candidate for a position is found, it does not automatically report itself. Schaekel & Partners finds them. We offer companies an objective choice of the best candidates. Professional and result-oriented.

Our focus is on filling in heavier consultancy and management positions in Operations & ICT. That is where our strength, our present and past lie. We also find suitable candidates for the more complex and specialist roles in Operations & ICT. Always based on a personal, in-depth experience of the industry and with the speed and energy appropriate to a driven team of professionals. The fulfillment of a job is situation-dependent and can take various forms: temporary or permanent, individual or as a team. The situation determines the form.

Schaekel & Partners conducts intensive annual research into the labor market for management positions. An enormous amount of knowledge about the labor market has been developed over the past 10 years. Many publications have appeared as a result of these studies (including the Interim Index). We mentioned the parent element: 'the course of the career'. Knowledge we have gained during this period, we gladly give back. To clients. But also to candidates who doubt or are ready for a next step.

Schaekel & Partners was founded in 1987 and is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.