SeederDeBoer is a medium-sized Dutch management consultancy. We help people and organizations grow. We do this by implementing strategic changes, managing complex projects and programs, or by ensuring that the digital ambitions of our customers are realized. We are particularly active in the financial sector, the public sector, in healthcare and in housing corporations.

In these sectors, we successfully complete complex change processes by providing content advice, coaching and program and project management. The issues we focus on are diverse, but often have (one of) the following components: process or organizational design, finance, digitization and ICT.

Our core values

Investing in craftsmanship and personal development is the core of our company and our services. We always start from the content and specialist knowledge of the sectors in which we work.

We believe in doing what you say, not empty phrases. We are partly responsible until the end. Even if a trajectory is difficult. That way you achieve results. And that is what our consultants, interim managers and Young Professionals are doing.

Young Professional Program

You start your career at SeederDeBoer as a Young Professional. Our Young Professional Program is a traineeship of two years. In those two years, you go through a process of working and training in which you are trained to become an organizational consultant. You work in several client assignments with multiple clients. In addition to your assignment, you follow training courses on a substantive and personal level in order to further develop you as an organizational consultant. View the Works at the SeederDeBoer page for more information.