We are Significant! We are professionally curious professionals working on public and business innovation. Our public clients are governments such as central government, provinces and municipalities, but also organizations that are active in the public domain or carry out public tasks such as educational institutions, health insurers, healthcare providers, social service providers, independent administrative bodies (ZBOs) and government agencies. We also support companies in improving their business operations.

Significantly focuses on themes that matter. Which matter to society or that matter to private organizations. The close advice team of Significant has already built up years of experience. This experience translates into in-depth market knowledge, unique competences and high-quality advice products. Our focus is on the one hand on healthcare, safety and justice, social domain and mobility and on the other hand on the management of public and private organizations in the broad sense. We are sincerely driven to assist our clients in the best possible way.


Significant since January 1, 2003 Significant has been active as an independent consultancy and research agency since that date. Before that we were, since 1988, an advisory group of PricewaterhouseCoopers (and its legal predecessors). We are proud of this background because, as part of a large and globally operating organization, we have learned to think and act in an interdisciplinary way, to closely follow developments in the market and to respond adequately to them. Over the years, we have grown into a professional and close-knit group of more than 70 consultants who support organizations in many fields and have built up a leading position in the Netherlands in the areas in which it operates.

Special competencies

Quantitative and qualitative research, System Dynamics, Data Analytics, Procurement, Procurement, Supplier & contract management, Healthcare procurement, Organization Management, Facility Management, Public Order & Safety, Social Domain, Mobility, Policy Effect Measurement, Process Management (LEAN), Customer experience Care, Youth, GGZ and Vulnerable elderly

Research, analysis and advice

The research assignments that we do for policy makers meet high (scientific) quality standards. This is possible because we operate independently and ensure that we do not 'just' express an opinion. We understand the political reality but do not hold a political agenda ourselves. We are and feel independent in every respect.

We are also able to translate changes that come from organizations, for example through policy changes from above, to what that means and how you can anticipate and organize. Setting up processes and taking people into this are strengths of our organizational consultants.

And where organizations depend on the performance of market parties, we support project-based closure and management of the required contract and cooperation relationships by our purchasing and operational management consultants. From Significant, a lot of collaboration is also being done with our subsidiary and structural purchasing services provider Inkopenvoor in the field of purchasing and business operations.

Our people

Our people have very different backgrounds. We select and recruit within different (academic) disciplines. We are looking for diversity. We like to put together teams in which a range of life experience and differences in competence are represented. We are convinced that this leads to deeper insights and better solutions.

A Significanter is always recognizable as a passionate and inquisitive professional. We carefully build relationships with our clients where we find a personal approach important. From people to people. In order to really help clients, we need to know each other well what is important and what everyone's motives are. Sincere interest and authenticity is therefore essential. It is no coincidence that our existing network is our largest source for new orders.