SiRM is a strategic consultancy in regulated markets with a focus on healthcare. With our analytical approach, we enable clients to take impactful decisions.

Career with SiRM

At SiRM you can quickly develop. We offer an environment where, under the guidance of experienced consultants, you learn a lot 'on the job' in a short period of time. In addition, consultants at all levels follow training courses to strengthen knowledge and skills. We also focus on personal and team development through coaching and giving feedback. We are always looking for good senior consultants, consultants and students for an internship. Read more about a career at SiRM.

About SiRM

SiRM works for all types of stakeholders, often as an independent party between them. We are active in various sectors of healthcare such as primary care, hospital care and mental health care. In addition, we work for clients in other regulated markets such as social housing and the energy and gas market. SiRM is an expert on various themes within regulated markets such as financing and funding, competition and healthcare procurement. Our advice regularly results in a publication. Read extensively about the themes on which we have expertise in our publications.