SOLVE Consulting

SOLVE Consulting is a student organization that focuses on Social Impact Consulting: advising non-profit institutions and social enterprises on issues concerning their efficiency and effectiveness. We are based in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht and are affiliated with the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the University of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam and Utrecht University. SOLVE Consulting has been in existence for ten years and has completed almost 100 projects. The projects are carried out in teams of three to six student consultants who all contribute to solving complex issues of our clients from their various study backgrounds.

Each SOLVE Consulting site consists of a board, consultants and an Advisory Board. The boards are responsible for the functioning of the individual sites and consist of the following functions: Chairman, External Relations, Projects, Human Resources and Finance & Marketing. The consultants are appointed by the board members on the basis of a strict selection procedure. The consultants carry out the projects under the supervision of the project manager. The Advisory Board supports the board and the consultants in the projects. The members of the Advisory Council are selected on the basis of their expertise and experience in consultancy with regard to non-profit organizations and social enterprises. The Advisory Board is a crucial body within our organization because it also guarantees the quality of the projects. In addition, there is one overarching Supervisory Board that supervises the activities in the various cities. The Supervisory Board has a controlling and steering function within the various portfolios of the boards and is taken by former board members of SOLVE Consulting.