Strategic Gears

Strategic Gears is currently one of the largest local management consultancies in Saudi Arabia, providing multidisciplinary services for both the private and public sectors. The company offers consulting solutions in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Operations & Organizational Excellence and Digital, to a range of clients in both the public and private sectors.

The company is heavily involved in the transformation era of Saudi Arabia, driven by the Vision 2030 initiative, in engagement with various government organizations and the Vision Realization Programs as well as the private sector. Strategic Gears has delivered projects in more than 17 sectors for the most well-known entities in the public sector including ministries, regulatory authorities and the Saudi Stock Exchange, as well major private sector entities in the Kingdom.

Strategic Gears’ accomplishments have been acknowledged in various local and international media.   The company prides itself on its ability to be a knowledge hub for the Saudi market, publishing reports on a monthly basis on the current state of the Kingdom’s economy as well as hot topics in both the public and private sectors, including an annual coverage of the Saudi budget, and other reports on the Kingdom’s macroeconomic performance, labour market, digital transformation and AI, among others.

The company, which was founded in late 2015, has quickly evolved from a small startup to a medium-sized business with over 80 employees. Today, Strategic Gears has offices in Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, as well as an office in Cairo (Egypt) and in London (United Kingdom). The organization, true to its metaphoric name, recruits exceptional "Gears" (consultants) from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The company has also built partnerships with several international companies and educational institutions including Nexus Frontiertech (an AI and digital transformation provider), AXELOS (a maturity assessment services provider) and George Washington University. Strategic Gears’ ambition is to become the “Top-of-Mind” consultancy in the MENA region.

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