Strategy Development Partners

Strategy Development Partners is a strategy boutique supporting clients in dealing with crucial, often international issues. As a group of committed, experienced consultants, we strongly believe that working closely together with our clients is key in achieving lasting impact. Teamwork is the heart of the matter - both within our team and together with clients.

Changing complex issues into practical ways to create value

Strategy Development Partners commits itself to supporting top executives or large corporations and institutions in resolving complex challenges and problems. The solutions should be comprehensive and practical, combining strategy, organizational aspects and operational effectiveness. We will not accept assignments where there is little chance or contributing to significant client value.

Highly talented and skilled professionals

We recruit, develop and retain talented professionals and offer them the opportunity to work in teams with talented and experienced professionals and client executives. We foster an informal and non-hierarchical atmosphere, facilitating an open spirit to leverage talents, skills and experience or all colleagues. We continuously invest in the development of our team, both collectively and individually. In the spirit of professional behavior, we attach great value to specific self-development, rather than standard career paths that benefit the non-existing average. We value inquisitive and creative thinking as long as it contributes to effective and practical solutions for our clients.

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