Student Consultancy Group

Stichting Student Consultancy Group (SCG) is a student-consultancy service for companies from different sectors. SCG was founded in December 2016 and now has a group of seven motivated students than the daily management.

We have two goals with SCG:

First, we want to give students the opportunity to gain experience in the field of consultancy. Studies are often very theoretical and SCG offers them the opportunity to gain practical experience.
Moreover, we want to make consultancy accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. Because we believe that SMEs also need access to strategic advice, we also use them for their affordable prices. In this way, these companies can receive advice from us without high costs or risks, while our student consultants gain experience.

Our talented student consultants from different fields of study approach problems within companies with a fresh perspective and are therefore able to contribute creative solutions to the issues they encounter. At SCG quality, conformity and speed are of paramount importance. In principle, we are open to any type of project, so you can always approach us for a project application.