We are Summiteers. A young and ambitious player in the consultancy market. We help our customers to define and realize their vision, strategy and associated organizational issues.

Or as we like to say it: we help people and organizations to reach their top. Even if they don't yet know exactly what it looks like. Because the top is different for every organization. Different for everyone. Just like the way there.

Wherever we climb, we always connect the content with the professional development of the team members. So that the result is not only strong, but permanent. We bring structure when the overview is lacking, insight with complexity, movement when something crashes and rest with major changes. Concrete, manageable and clear.

Not that we like clichés, but together you simply go further than alone. And that is exactly what makes the difference in our approach: we do not rest until everyone who makes the journey with us has also taken a step in their development. Only then will you reach your top and more importantly, you can maintain yourself there when we have left the building.


We are experts in the field called Strategy Execution and unique in that we combine that field with developing the professionals at our clients. We are engaged in:

  • Vision & Strategy
  • Plateau planning & Roadmap
  • Execution & Direction
  • Leadership development & Coaching

Vision and strategy
Everything starts with a clear picture of where you want to go and why. We help organizations with clarifying their vision and converting this vision into a clear plan.

Plateau planning and roadmap
We support clients in making a balanced step-by-step plan towards their goal, or plateau planning. This contains concrete actions to reach a next plateau each time.

Execution and direction
Once all plans have been worked out we will (and will) keep the change going. By jointly controlling everything that is necessary to realize the plans, in a way that completely suits the organization and the team.

Leadership development and coaching
Nothing gives us more energy than helping enterprising people to rise above themselves. So we intensively guide our customers on their way up. By setting concrete learning goals and making clear agreements. Honest, pragmatic and with a forward-looking perspective.


Our customers are very diverse: large and small, start-ups and corporates, national and international, from financial service provider, media, logistics to supervisor and care party.