Supply Value

Our vision

Supply Value helps leaders collaborate more intelligently with their supply chain partners, thereby creating sustainable value at lower costs and less risk. Supply Value is a company that connects, challenges and grows the best supply and information management professionals. We believe that results that are unfeasible for an individual are surpassed if you work together. Each from his own strength, focused on a common goal.

Our approach

We believe that the right approach, in combination with the right people and resources, leads to a sustainable result. Here we start from thinking, support and doing:

  • Thinking: we collect, analyze and present the right data to prepare decisive decisions.
  • Support: We include the customer and its chain partners in our improvement proposal. We listen and ask through to discover what can be done better. By exploiting the potential of all relevant parties, we accelerate the improvement process.
  • Do: Our advice does not end with a nice report. We put your employees and partners in motion and help with realizing concrete results. We do this until the moment that you can and will take the baton again.

Our promise

Because we believe in our people and our approach, we like to make agreements about the desired result prior to a project. . Our customer satisfaction of an 8.5 average over the last three years, and of 8.8 over 2016, shows that our customers also support the Supply Value approach.