Symbol inspires and improves processes

A new record every day!
World records are constantly being broken by even better performance. The same applies to organizations. Symbol believes, no, she knows that even within the best companies and organizations there are opportunities for process improvement, resulting in concrete results in various fields. Inspiration, knowledge and cooperation, that's what Symbol is all about. Both in the approach and in the output. A little better every day. A new record every day!

Making a step together
Whether it concerns advice in the field of organizational development, continuous improvement, quality management or change management. With Symbol you are at the right address. Also when it comes to developing improvement strategies and then in realizing them. The consultants feel at home with the management at the table and on the work floor.

Highly trained advisers and trainers with extensive experience
Symbol likes to transfer the knowledge for a sustainable result. That is why she provides training in the areas of quality management, change management, Lean, Lean Six Sigma and automotive. These are organized at multiple locations in the Netherlands or in-company at the customer in the Netherlands and abroad. The advisors and trainers of Symbol have knowledge of the latest developments and techniques and have ample experience, including in the application and implementation of Lean Six Sigma and in creating a continuous improvement culture.

Customers of Symbol
Symbol carries out assignments for leading national and international organizations. The relations are on the one hand industrial companies (DSM, TATA, Friesland Campina, Automotive) and on the other hand service organizations (National Government, various municipalities, Tempo-Team, Avans University of Applied Sciences and various Municipal Health Services). We also support various consultancy firms in the implementation of certifying Lean Six Sigma training programs.