The Next Organization

The Next Organization is a result-driven, internationally operating organization consultancy, specialized in optimizing and innovating commercial organizations.

We help the management of companies from the customer's perspective to optimize the marketing and sales activities and to innovate. We do this by combining traditional and new (sales) channels from a well-thought-out strategy and implementing them in the organization. This is how we realize 'the next organization'.


The constantly changing market conditions force organizations to reorientate the role they play for their customers. Customer behavior, technological possibilities, trends. They offer every opportunity. From small commercial success to fundamental change of the business model. Only organizations that respond to customer needs in time and organize adequate business processes to facilitate the customer journey achieve commercial success. 

What makes us unique?

Inspiration by innovation
Together looking at the possibilities of new technology and changing customer behavior and weighing its relevance for customers. It is a source of inspiration that gives energy to successfully realize the adjustments within organizations.

Power to perform
Improving commercial performance means realizing a growth strategy, improving efficiency, increasing revenues and strengthening management. That is what we achieve to the left or to the right. We are happy to be settled.

Collaboration with fun
We attach great value to the way we work together. We actively involve the methods and techniques that we apply. This means that the client and those involved are connected to the result. And the necessary support for change arises.