Trevian is the expert in improving the organizational result from the purchasing organization and commissioning. We realize.

Trevian has focused on the public sector in general and the care and housing association sector in particular for over 10 years. We know these sectors better than anyone in terms of culture, trends, supplier market and cost structure. Perhaps we know best how to maximize the performance of supplier chains and relationships.

Trevian analyzes, advises and realizes or provides temporary expertise and capacity at various levels and themes. For example, we are involved in various issues within the real estate and installation technology domains, in which circularity, CO2 neutral and social return are important themes. In addition, in the field of business operations, including facilities and ICT. Activities we do within the aforementioned domains are aimed at:

  • Procurement strategy, policy and processes;
    Category management;
    Organization and change of the purchasing organization;
    Audits on purchasing maturity;
    Various (EU) tender forms;
    Benchmarking of purchasing costs;
    Competence development;
    Purchasing cooperation;
    Contract and supplier management.