TWST is an innovative consultancy and training agency for performance improvement. We help our customers to improve their customer performance in a sustainable way.

Improving is easier said than done. Too often you hear that change and improvement efforts only give a temporary revival in the business and / or customer performance. At TWST we find that sin. And especially unnecessary.

The art of improving is to make it so contagious that the whole organization is inspired and continues to work with it. This results in both more satisfied customers, more inspired employees and better figures.

Our approach is aimed at making ourselves redundant. We support managers in the organization so that they realize the joint ambitions sustainably.

Our interventions take place largely in the work so that effects are better monitored and also better to last. New behavior is immediately implemented, tested and improved. An additional advantage is that it requires less 'extra' time from teams and managers.

Learning takes place in action and by achieving small goals with a focus on the customer and the positive result. Which things are going well already, what is already possible and how can you do more of that.

TWST helps:

  • to make 'continuous improvement' part of the way of working. In addition to the use of lean instruments, day and week starts; coach managers and their teams on leadership and team effectiveness. As a result, performance improves in an infectious way;
  • to increase commercial strength. By improving the sales process step by step with the sales organization to challenge the commercial teams to their commercial talent. As a result, more customers, better customer relations, more and larger orders; in short, more turnover. In particular TWST supervises construction companies such as Ballast Nedam, BAM, Hochtief on tender processes and project implementation.

The TWST School offers in-company leadership trajectories.

In addition, the TWST School has an open registration with the training 'TWST the way you consult' for internal / external advisers and for managers with 'Give guidance to Self-management'.


Curious about how we work? Then take a look at our website, where you can read how we achieve convincing and lasting results for our customers.