UniPartners prepares academics for consultancy

Nowadays, companies are increasingly turning their attention to students who are (or have been) fully active in addition to their studies. Side activities are in some cases even more appreciated by recruiters than achieving high marks. A board year or committee is not only considered very valuable, but is also a way to gain relevant experience and expand your network.

With this approach UniPartners was founded in 1987. The non-profit agency for and by ambitious university students serves as a platform to combine academic skills with practical experience. Meanwhile, UniPartners has become a household name among academics and with 12 branches in as many different university cities it can safely say that it is preparing top students for the consultancy industry.


UniPartners has the predicate Junior Enterprise thanks to its method. Which means that we carry out entrepreneurship among students. There are now more than 280 Junior Enterprises across Europe, of which 12 in the Netherlands. A Junior Enterprise functions as an academic consultancy. Students can use a Junior Enterprise to accept assignments from the business community that fit in with their education. In this way they can gain practical study experience on a professional basis and get to know the business world. On the other hand, it allows companies to become acquainted with the potential of students with their current knowledge directly from the university banks. In addition, they have the opportunity to have their projects carried out by the non-profit basis of UniPartners for an attractive price-quality ratio. Companies, governments and other clients are very pleased with the cooperation with the academic talents of UniPartners. They are faced with motivated and ambitious students who want to put their knowledge and expertise into practice. So it is a win-win situation for both parties.