Valcon is the premium operations consulting firm in Europe, and that means that we are the champions of connecting strategy and operations and making it work. We call this The HOW. Valcon’s HOW is our unique value proposition, which ensures alignment between strategy and operations. We achieve this by having a range of expertise, which is equally strong throughout the entire value chain of our clients’ businesses.

We deploy our skills globally for some of the most influential Fortune 100 companies in +40 countries. We also cooperate with progressive and ambitious leaders on optimising their public organisations for a future characterised by constant change and a need to provide service to more people with fewer resources. We understand, and we challenge the strategic needs of our clients. And our clients recognise our ability to make change happen and our ability to embed ourselves in their organisation, their mindset, their culture and their challenges. We help the client make the solution their own. This sense of ownership helps create sustainable solutions that become part of the client’s DNA. We call that leaving footprints.

We are both generalists and specialists. Many of our people have held C-suite positions themselves from industry-leading companies and organisations, which gives us a unique ability to meet our clients at eye level no matter where in the organisation and no matter the size of the organisation.

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