VODW has been helping large companies with customer-oriented innovation and digital transformation since 1983. Our clients work in sectors where customer experience, marketing and data science have a high impact on the business. We prepare organizations for the future by developing new business models, improving customer satisfaction and at the same time realizing cost savings. With more than a hundred specialized advisors and interim professionals, we work from our offices in Leusden and Brussels in sustainable partnerships with our clients to concrete results.

Our conviction
We firmly believe in the intrinsic strength of large companies. After all, they have not acquired their leading position for nothing. VODW addresses the dilemmas with which companies struggle. But we leave the sketching of apocalyptic doom scenarios to others. We offer these companies a positive perspective.

Due to the rapid technological and social developments, today's consumers make different choices. Information and experiences can be found and shared everywhere. Relevance, experience and comparison are decisive. A new reality, in which companies must be able to act quickly and agile. 

We offer these companies a positive perspective. We get trust, because we speak like no other the language of the board roam and the shop floor. Our way-of-working has been proven successful. Together with the client, we quickly and purposefully unlock the knowledge and entrepreneurship within organizations and combine this with our own in-depth, broad expertise and innovative strength. Together we break through classical structures and conventions. Together we make sharp choices. Which we design and implement together.

Transformation is not an isolated project, but a new state of being. 
VODW's always think of the needs of the customer, because creating real added value for the consumer is the starting point for us and the ultimate goal. At the intersection of customer orientation, marketing technology and innovative organizational forms, we are the driving force behind digital transformation.