Voogt Pijl & Partners

We distinguish ourselves through guts, character and leadership!

These core values ​​are reflected in our daily thinking and acting, both for our clients and within our team. We distinguish ourselves in the way we work and with a drive that our customers experience.

Our colleagues have experience with change processes within the financial sector and have deliberately opted for an agency in which customers, quality, professional integrity and entrepreneurship are paramount.

We offer you the strength of the combination of advice, realization and interim practice. We act temporarily in the client organization as a management consultant, program manager or interim manager, where we act in impactful changes within the financial sector. In our practice, different aspects make a change impactful:

  • the change is of strategic importance
  • personal success of the client depends on the order execution
  • the results are not yet fixed and there are still options to consider
  • the scope of the change potentially touches on the working method, collaboration form and organization of many
  • the change is part of a multitude of complex relationships and mutual dependencies

Vision - Added value as a daily guide

Our right to exist is based on delivering added value. For us as an agency, this is reflected in the provision of precisely that expertise, that strength that is not or not sufficiently available within the client organization. If our added value starts to decrease during an assignment, we are often the first to open the conversation about the permanent transfer of the work on the line.

We also distinguish ourselves through our approach. Pragmatics is our top priority. We do not get bogged down in theories and models, but create a clear vision and disintegrate these into manageable activities for the organization. We take responsibility for the realization of the change.

In order to express our commitment to and confidence in the result of the assignment, we like to enter into discussions with clients about the translation by means of, for example, a tariff that depends on the satisfaction of the client.