Fresh ideas, proven results

Yellowtail has been helping financial service providers to innovate and optimize for more than 10 years. Our focus is on digitization within advisory markets such as mortgages, pensions and assets. Our starting point is that the consumer determines. We strive to make financial services for the consumer simple, efficient and accessible. We do this by combining knowledge of business, IT and design with innovation capacity and implementation power. With this we make our pay-off 'fresh ideas, proven results' every day.

We make the difference because we can supply all relevant roles as a multidisciplinary project team. From visual designer, interaction designer, project manager to acceptance test supervisor. From IT architect to software developer, from business analyst to trainer. We offer a balanced mix of domain knowledge and skills in the areas of UX design, processes and technology.

Innovation in:

More and more consumers want to be able to close a mortgage (in part) online in a number of simple steps. That saves a lot of time, money and hassle. Omnichannel mortgage service concepts become the new standard. We therefore specialize in innovation and optimization of mortgage processes. Whether it concerns the application process of mortgages or to develop an innovative management environment.

Pensions and assets
Consumers receive a lot of pension information, but do not actively engage with it. Often the information is inaccessible and consumers do not get the right resources to understand their situation. Yellowtail develops integral pension and asset solutions that allow pension providers, banks and insurers to give the consumer an understandable picture of his situation and where the consumer himself is at the helm

Integration & aggregation
As consumers close mortgages and other financial products more and more online, the importance of personal data is growing. Data play a crucial role in making processes efficient and easy to set up and to offer consumers self-service. Yellowtail has developed an integration platform (Cord Finance) an online data aggregation method (Ockto), which forms the pivot in online (self) operation.


Our brand values ​​are in fact the DNA of our company. They help us in the daily work, the choices we make in it and how we interact with each other. They form a guideline with which we can actually fulfill what we promise.

result-oriented: committed, enthusiastic, goal-oriented
professionalism: expertise, top quality, transparent
innovative: surprising, smart, creative
daring: proactive, critical, initiating
directing: strategic, directional, binding

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