We are an independent firm with a track record of innovation and success across the total spectrum of treasury, risk and finance.

Our Business Values are the ingrained principles of the company and our people. These Values serve as the thread woven throughout our company to guide our future actions, decision making and the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other. These Values serve as the moral cornerstones on which Zanders was built, beginning from the establishment of the company in 1994.

The Zanders Business Values and Principles encourage freedom and autonomous decision making. We trust that freedom in decision making will lead to more responsibility, increased entrepreneurship and better results and output.

Our organization fosters an energetic environment to spur the ambition and passion of our teams/employees/people. Ambition is the drive to learn, excel and develop yourself, colleagues and customers. We are passionate about our company, business and our services in which we promote innovation and implement creative solutions.

We perform as one team within Zanders and with our clients. It is not about individual results but about high performing teams. By working together we can realize our ambitions.

We take our work as a professional services organization in the financial industry seriously. Nevertheless fun is an important value for our company. We believe that enjoying what we do is the perfect counterbalance for the nature of our services.

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