buro C5

bureau C5 is an experienced intermediary specialized in mediating, guiding and training professionals in the field of PMO & Project Management advice. 

With more than 10 years of experience in 'the project world' we have experienced the rapid development of functions in the area of ​​Project & Management Support to the current PMO & Project management advice related roles. It is a field that has undergone a strong development in recent years and will continue to do so in the coming years. PMO Lead was  created following these developments  .

Knowledge, experience and empathy are the most important ingredients for our successful approach. It forms the basis for our "look ahead" philosophy that we are so happy to share with you. It makes us self-conscious, not arrogant and constantly focused on providing even better services. This involved and professional attitude gives us a character. 

We are proud of the quantitative and qualitative growth that we have experienced, from the center of Utrecht on the Oudegracht, and especially the people who contribute or have made a contribution.

Our services

With us the match is central, not the construction. That is why we offer various forms of service. In this way we offer our clients and professionals the best possible way of working together.

Do you have a (temporary) capacity issue within your organization? Are you going to start a project but do not have sufficient or just qualified staff? Self-recruiting costs time and money and also offers no guarantee of finding a suitable employee. In such a situation, desk C5 helps you move forward. By offering the tailor-made solution for projects, temporary vacancies and bridging application procedures.

We detach experienced professionals in the field of PMO & project management advice. Professionals who are employed by us and with the right experience solve your capacity and quality needs. Because you decide how long the secondment contract is, you guarantee the continuity and quality within the organization.

Is it your wish to hire a good power yourself after an agreed period? More and more clients want to get to know professionals first before they hire them. You can then benefit from our detavast construction. 

During the secondment period, you and the employee can perfectly determine whether the collaboration meets the set expectations. If this is the case, you can offer your employment contract free of charge after a previously discussed period. You determine that agreed period yourself, so that you keep control of the costs and are assured of continuity in your business.

Recruitment & selection
Are you looking for professionals in the field of PMO & project management advice who can be silently integrated into your organization? To experienced people who stand out because they have appropriate skills and the right attitude? Thanks to our extensive network, bureau C5 manages to bind the best professionals to your organization.

We also find it important to share our knowledge and expertise in the field of PMO & project management advice. Thanks to years of experience, we know how things are going in your industry. In office C5 you will also find a full-fledged discussion partner. A desk that understands what you can and can not wait for and transparently deals with expectations. We prefer that you approach us next time. That too is looking forward. 

As a self-employed entrepreneur you have a lot on your mind, while you prefer to focus on the assignment. There is often insufficient time for acquisition, but there is a need for challenging assignments. bureau C5 understands this and facilitates a platform for independent entrepreneurs. From our organization we connect you and leading clients.

bureau C5 provides administrative support and provides you with useful advice that will help you with independent entrepreneurship. bureau C5 has an excellent bonus scheme for independent entrepreneurs and uses a guaranteed payment term within 30 days.