InContext is a special consultancy that helps organizations and their people to get the best out of themselves. We bring vision and strategy to life, innovate processes, develop leadership at every level, improve collaboration, grow together and create value for organizations, their customers and their environment.  

People who strive for a positive breakthrough in their own organization are our heroes. It is our mission to make them succeed.

Thomas Benedict -  Director and founder of InContext 

Our approach

At InContext we believe that the soft side, such as inspiration, creativity and connection, only has an impact if it is directly linked to ambition, reality, smart analyzes and measurable results. 

Cultural change, blended learning, agile, leadership development, digital transformation and strategic behavioral change are just a few keywords that describe our current projects.  

Our team

InContext consists of a core team, which is based in the Netherlands, and a large network of associated consultants, trainers, supervisors, business psychologists and actors with ambitious clients all over the world. Together we strive to change organizations for the better. 

The approach of InContext is called unorthodox, passionate, conscientious, surprising and very focused on measurable results. That is why the largest and most ambitious organizations find their way to InContext. 


We are based in the Netherlands, but we achieve concrete, measurable results for our customers worldwide. Our consultants work in the United States, the Caribbean, China, Singapore and in almost all European countries.