Korn Ferry

We are a global consulting firm in over 50 countries with more that 7.500 people. We help organizations get their strategy, structure, and talent aligned.

What does that mean? 

We help companies design their organizations - the structure, roles, and responsibilities - to seize opportunities. As importantly, we help them select and hire the talent they need to execute their strategy and show them the best way to compensate, develop, and motivate their people.

What makes us different?

Most organizations can develop a sound strategy, but they often struggle to make it stick. We look at strategy and talent together. We're the only organizational consultancy that does both.

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Our solutions and Industries

Korn Ferry Amsterdam works in 5 different solution areas

  • Organizational Strategy
  • Assessment & Succession
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Leadership Development
  • Rewards & Benefits

We work at the intersection of talent and strategy, empowering organizations to exceed their potential within various industries, such as:

Today’s consumer companies need dynamic people who can drive top-line growth and innovation while managing tight bottom-line fundamentals. We build talent strategies and solutions that provide organizations with a steady stream of professionals with the skills and mindset to lead now and in the future. We create performance cultures that inspire employees at all levels, attract and retain world-class talent, incentivize sales teams and smoothly manage expansion, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. And our unique mix of global reach and local knowledge helps companies be more effective local players as they expand into new and exciting growth markets. This unparalleled combination helps us build dynamic people pipelines that give organizations the talent and reach to make real, lasting connections with new and untapped consumer audiences.

Convergence. Consolidation. Globalization. Financial services companies face continual and dramatic industry shifts prompted by increased regulation, the critical importance of transparency, rapid advances in technology, and uncertain economic and geopolitical conditions. In this fluid and fast-paced environment, organizations must be prepared to go to battle for top talent. Identification, assessment, development, and retention are critical. And agile, strategic leaders who can excel through change are essential.

Our Global Financial Services team is comprised of the preeminent financial consulting minds in the industry, strategically located in key financial centers around the globe. With our broad product knowledge, unparalleled intellectual property assets and detailed understanding of financial market segments, we deliver a full range of financial consulting solutions, including organizational strategy, leadership development, and strategic executive search. We work with forward-thinking organizations to drive development, accelerate readiness, reduce risk of executive transition – and swiftly and accurately make the critical talent decisions needed to proceed confidently into their future.

Shifting labor trends, sourcing manufacturing locations, fluctuating costs, intellectual property concerns, and the impact of government regulations are all prime considerations when looking for comprehensive organizational solutions built to drive growth in a slow-growth industrial world. Skill sets that worked five to ten years ago are not the same ones needed today – or five to ten years from now. Smart, forward-thinking leaders who understand market dynamics and can think strategically and act decisively are difficult to find and develop, and critical to attract and retain.

Korn Ferry’s Industrial team is the largest in the sector, uniquely positioned to meet the people and organizational needs of the world’s industrial companies — from organizational design to rewards and benefits, leadership development, assessment and succession, and talent acquisition. With an unmatched combination of global presence and local knowledge, we understand the changing demands of globalization, technology, mobility, and innovation throughout an organization. And we have the data, technology, and expertise to apply solutions that address current concerns and challenges while identifying leadership potential, driving development, accelerating readiness, and energizing transitions.

The global technology market is growing at lightning speed, replacing industrialization as the world’s driving force of productivity and change. Groundbreaking advances in digital are impacting all types of commerce and customer/supplier engagement. Data is becoming a competitive weapon for the enterprise. Companies are just beginning to harness the power of analytics and machine learning. These fundamental shifts are putting technology companies and companies steeped in technology squarely at the forefront of the new economy. In order to compete and thrive, the expertise and efficiency of an organization must advance ahead of the rate of change that the organization desires. Talent will be the differentiator.

We help our clients address the unique challenges of the global technology market. We help companies strategically design their organizations – the structure, roles, and responsibilities – to seize opportunities presented by new advances in technology and data delivery. We help them select and hire the talent they need to execute their strategy. And we show them the best way to identify, attract, develop, and retain the dynamic people who will confidently lead their organizations into this bright technological future.

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