Mobilee focuses on customers in the network of financial services, healthcare and government. Mobilee was founded in 2002 and has 30 management consultants and project managers: vision makers and experts.

Our driven people are professional and sincere. The style of our people is goal-oriented and pragmatic. We help our clients realize their goals and changes in the areas of strategy, processes, control, people and information technology. For our customer, this means certainty of result in the event of a change.

Four important services of Mobilee:

  • Projects: are an instrument to realize your strategy. Mobilee helps you define projects in a logical and coherent way that makes your strategy a reality.

  • Processes: together with your employees we work on optimizing your processes. The Mobilee consultants are trained in Lean thinking and view processes in an integral way, from "customer to customer".

  • Innovation: customers expect more and more innovative power from you. You therefore stand for the continuous challenge to renew your products and / or business processes. The creative project leaders and advisers of Mobilee will gladly take this challenge with you.

  • Training & coaching: Mobilee likes to share her knowledge and provides various tailor-made training courses. Our consultants coach employees with various clients. We do this in collaboration with Maruna, for example in the field of Lean Six Sigma.

Mobilee employees
The "Mobilee team" consists of a diverse group of people. We have different backgrounds, focus areas and specific knowledge. What binds us is people-centeredness and attention for the relationship, both internally and towards our customers. We are known for our pragmatic approach, flexibility and focus on results. We believe that everyone has their own responsibility to find a "place of their own" within the organization. We find the right balance between work and private life important here.