Vanberkel Professionals

Vanberkel Professionals was founded in 2007 with the aspiration to provide the broad public sector with a proven solution.

Every organization and every individual is unique, has its own DNA and that also applies to the issues. This is the unique culture that is the starting point of our service. Our professionals work together with your employees on the best solution. Financial specialist in our five focus areas Central Government, Local Government, Housing, Care and Education. Trust, reliability and open communication from our pillars. That is where our added value lies.

Interim assignments, advice, workshops and training. Our professionals function in the role of consultant, interim manager, financial specialist and auditor. It is the experts in the financial and business area in the public sector. Each with his or her own specialism. We keep each other sharp during assignments and with the latest knowledge. The synergy that arises from this makes us 'state of the art' and we create a tailor-made solution for every issue. A flexible team that works together with people in the public sector from one culture to the professionalization of public administration. Decisive and Confidential.


An ideal future society is, according to Vanberkel Professionals, one that only functions with transparent, flexible and reliable government and organizations (profit and non-profit). This means that the processes and regulations must always be in the service of the citizen and the buyer. And that must be measurable, so that it can be controlled in the service of openness and everyone can be held accountable. By acting in a trustworthy manner, both as an individual and an organization, we jointly create a modern society that is reliable, honest, sustainable and responsible.


Citizens and buyers are increasingly critical of the government and organizations. In addition, regulations and internal processes within companies, non-profit organizations, foundations and government at all levels become increasingly international, more complicated and more extensive. That requires trust, reliability, transparency and integrity. Vanberkel Professionals is a flexible organization of experts that helps the government and organizations realize this, through innovative processes, objective controls and open communication. We do this with efficiency, decisiveness, commitment and integrity towards our clients and their customers.