Become better than we are today! The strength of Bvolve (formerly BiZZdesign Consultancy) is the empowerment of people who are crucial for the successful transformation, management and improvement of organizations. During these digital transformations, we support our customers with issues concerning business model innovation, enterprise architecture, process management and data management. 

Bvolve is a consultancy organization with 40 employees who help customers from various sectors, such as banks, education and government, in their digital transformations. We do this by inspiring people to discover new solutions and deliver results based on advice, training and the use of software tools for business design and digital transformations.

Bvolve provides services that connect strategy, transformations and daily operations. This makes ambitious goals a reality with maximum support. Our core values ​​are central to this service:

  • Development ; investing in development is the key to the growth of our people, our organization and our customers.
  • Entrepreneurship ; entrepreneurship is the basis for real changes and results.
  • Involvement ; commitment to each other and our customers is a prerequisite for a valuable and lasting relationship.
  • Successful together ; it is only through cooperation, both with each other and with our customers, that we achieve the best results. 


Based on years of practical experience (BiZZdesign / Bvolve), Bvolve has developed various solutions for customers' questions and current trends. These solutions offer a total solution for the digital issues of organizations.